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Welcome to The Gleason Report. The TGR timing models alert investors to the peaks and troughs of S&P500 stocks and major indexes. We provide real-time buy and sell points that significantly beat buy and hold. All research is FREE.


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The timing models provide a lower-risk strategy for growing portfolios. This is accomplished by shifting assets during periods of high risk. I recommend that investors use a balanced portfolio approach at all times and use the models to weight portfolio allocations. The ability to avoid losses combined with the use of asset allocation makes this site a prime resource for wise investors and financial advisors. You can read my free monthly newsletter and see for yourself how it's indeed possible to make money every year.

The timing models are very good at identifying the cyclical turning points of the indexes and stocks in the S&P500. My stock and index timing models outperform buy and hold. Follow my simple methods to avoid the devastating financial losses of bear markets and downdrafts in individual stocks.

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